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Silver Spring, MD 20903
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Fairfax, VA 22030
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Gaithersburg, MD 20878
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College Park, MD 20740
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Suite 13
Frederick, MD 21701
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45 Old Solomons Island Road
Suite 204
Annapolis, MD 20878
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Charles P. Johnson & Associates, Inc. was originally founded as a Professional Association of partners and associates in 1971 under the name of Johnson, McCordic & Thompson, P.A. in Silver Spring, Maryland. The practice concentrated in the areas of planning, engineering, and surveying for residential and commercial projects within the Maryland section of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. In 1978 a second, similar private development office was opened in Fairfax, Virginia. In 1980 the firm expanded to include public works for the transportation sector within the states of Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

At that time the name was changed to Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, P.A. The firm continued to expand in services, personnel, and locations until 1988 when a separation of the private and public offices was accomplished for the purpose of increased efficiency. The division resulted in the private development offices of Silver Spring and Fairfax becoming Charles P. Johnson & Associates, Inc. Because of the manner in which the various offices had been managed prior to the separation, the change was effected with no change in staff personnel or discernible difference in service to our clients.

The firm of Charles P. Johnson & Associates, Inc., until recent years, had returned to the original precept of specialization within the private development sector. This action redefined the focus toward assuring the continuity and preserving the heritage of the firm's more than 40 years of experience. Although the firm’s primary area of our experience and expertise today is land development, currently CPJ includes in its focus environmental services and, again, public works.

CPJ has expanded the planning, engineering, and surveying services to adapt in an ever-changing, demanding environment. The five divisions consist of Planning, Engineering, Public Sector, Surveying and Environmental Services. Each are separate groups, however, all work cohesively to provide seamless, customized services to both government and private clients.

Presently CPJ’s client base spans from Northern Virginia to the Eastern Shore and northern counties of Maryland. The main office is based in Silver Spring, Maryland with branch offices in Frederick, MD; Gaithersburg, MD; and Fairfax, VA.

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