Guldesky Stormwater Management Pond

University of Maryland - Shady Grove Campus
Rockville, MD

CPJ has been contracted by Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) under its Task Order system to provide engineering and survey services for the analysis and retrofit of the Gudelsky Pond dam. The dam, formerly identified by Maryland Department of the Environment’s Dam Safety Division (MDE) as ‘high hazard’, was reclassified as ‘unsafe’ pending the results of a dam breach study. CPJ completed the dam breach study of the dam for existing conditions as well as for four different retrofit concepts. 

After consultation with DEP and MDE, a weir wall retrofit design has been selected as the preferred alternative and will reduce the hazard class of the dam to ‘low’.  Retrofit design plans are concurrently being developed by CPJ and will include the removal of the existing outfall structure, construction of a new weir wall. In the interim, CPJ has updated the Emergency Action Plan for Gudelsky Pond to meet new MDE and federal standards. 
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