Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

CPJ offers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to municipalities to help manage their town’s assets. From surveying the information to implementing the software, and training client staff, CPJ helps its clients pool information into an easy and accessible form. Our experience includes designing and implementing several private stormwater management inspection programs for local counties to assist with meeting NPDES requirements.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • View CAD & GIS Layers Together
  • Relational Database Design
  • Adjacent Property Analysis
  • Complex Overlay Study
  • Spatial and Tabular Data Query
  • 3D Analysis
  • Highly Effective Map Creation
  • Watershed Protection & Restoration Analysis
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Stormwater management updating and maintaining the records for the SWM facilities
  • Drainage area analysis
  • Provide small structure database web services compatible representatives
  • Spatially accurate cadastral layer created using existing property maps and orthophotos
  • Use orthophotos to calculate amount of impervious surface, applicable for stormwater management
  • Community outreach programs: combine Census demographic data and MDPV Owners data to target campaigns
  • Location services: determine best location for new facility (commercial, social) based on current locations and population distribution
  • Managing property surveys/home inspection data and scheduling
  • Routing/Street network: one way streets, turn restrictions, speed limits, on-street parking
  • Obtain knowledge of street network (i.e. one way streets, turn restrictions, speed limits, on-street parking)
  • Generating customized maps
  • Utilities: snow removal, trash removal
  • Maintaining property setbacks and right-of-way regulations
  • Managing property surveys/home inspection data and scheduling
  • Identify private encroachments into public space
  • Sharing data with other agencies, such as Montgomery County and MNCPPC, and benefit from existing data
  • Tracking new vs. old construction
  • Sidewalks - location, inventory, maintenance
  • Creating a database for active building permits
  • Locating and maintaining open space and parks
  • Ability to integrate current front-end applications (ex. Access database for data entry), no need to maintain two separate systems
  • Access to taxation records (property assessments, land value; tie into the Maryland Property View (MDPV) owners zoning/land use)database; building age; sale prices
  • Disaster management: evacuation routes, coordinate cleanup efforts
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