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Chris Guagliardo, a Trimble Certified Trainer, is hired to lead the newly created 3D Data Capture Section in the Maryland Survey Division.

Christoper Guagliardo - crpped 10-10-19.

CPJ 3D Data Capture Service

Chris Guagliardo was hired as the Section Head for the new 3D Data Capture Section in the Maryland Survey Division. “With his background in surveying for over 20 years, we hired Chris to enhance our data collection and processing ability with Scanning, Bathymetry, Lidar and other modern data capture technologies,” said Division Manager Steve Jones. Chris brings a wealth of experience to CPJ as a Trimble Certified Trainer. He worked at Trimble and with Keystone Precision (CPJ's equipment vendor) for the past four years. He was also the primary trainer for the entire Northeast corridor for all Trimble vendors and served as a national liaison.

CPJ Provides Advanced Solutions in Computations, Surveying, GPS, Data Capture, Modeling, and Data Analytics

The Maryland Survey Division is now comprised of four sections: Computations, Surveys, Special Surveys, and 3D Data Capture. Chris will focus on 3D scanning, mobile data collection, and bathymetric surveys. In addition to his duties with data capture, he will train the survey staff to meet Trimble skill and competency levels with the hardware and software, to include the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers.

CPJ Delivers to Industry Demands

CPJ has the capability to provide advanced solutions in global positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics to architects, builders and developers, city planners, and the transportation industry. We have the strategic advantage to maximize our expertise of the equipment so we can optimize service delivery to our clients and provide customized service options to a variety of industries. As a 3D data expert, Chris will develop and host training classes and lunch & learn sessions for our clients and engineering partners. “Chris’ skill set is unparalleled in the industry and we are happy to have him here at CPJ,” said Jones.

"We are proud that Chris has chosen the CPJ team to share his expertise and grow his career with us," said CPJ’s Director of Maryland Operations Haitham Hijazi, a professional land surveyor and civil engineer. "We also look forward to providing this advanced scanning technology to our municipalities and engineering partners with transportation projects to improve productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability.”

Announcement - Chris G: Meet the Team
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