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Steve Jones Promoted to Manage
Maryland Surveys

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Steve Jones’ surveying experience spans nearly 40 years, with 34 of those years at CPJ. He began his career at CPJ in 1985 working on field survey crews and then transitioned to Computations preparing easements, plats, and boundary surveys. Since 2001 he has been in charge of CPJ’s Special Surveys section where he has coordinated surveys for specialized projects that included hundreds of ALTA surveys, special purpose exhibits for many of the local municipalities, training and consulting for the FBI, and hundreds of boundary and topographic surveys for custom home lots.

Steve also has worked with municipal governments on implementing a local GIS database for the Town Managers to better manage their town’s assets including utilities, tree inventories and building setbacks. For the past 25 years he has directed the transition and integration of new technology with CPJ’s survey crews. Each vehicle is a mobile office equipped with laptop, scanners, printers, and internet. The survey crews have evolved from static GPS work through real-time kinematic surveying to Virtual Reference Networks. He has also introduced the use of Bathymetric surveying and 3D Laser scanning into the workflow. He has performed surveys in nearly every County in the State of Maryland and serves as an expert witness and has provided testimony in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. In addition to his work at CPJ, Steve has been extensively involved with the Maryland Society of Surveyors since 1995, he served as its President in 2010, and has been on the Board of Directors since 2001. He is also a charter member of the District of Columbia Association of Land Surveyors, a member of the Virginia Association of Surveyors, and a member of the National Society of Professional Land Surveyors. 

Announcement - Steve Jones: Meet the Team
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